MHE ETV Parkers

Feature a robust comb structure on which the tyres of the cars rest safely.

MHE ETV Parkers are fully automated multilevel parking systems utilizing elevating transfer vehicles (ETV) to park and retrieve cars. Drivers only need to park their cars into entrance room, from where the system will collect cars automatically according to PLC programs.

The composition of MHE ETV Parker is as follows:

Parking Terminal
The area where drivers can deposit and collect their cars. At the entrance of the parking terminal a customized and user-friendly operating panel makes it easy to register as well as retreive the cars. Generally the parking terminal would be next to a pleasant and illuminated reception area with proximity of guards to ensure safety of the clients.

Lift with Turntable
The lift carries the cars from the parking terminal vertically to each parking level. An integrated turntable automatically turns the vehicles in the correct direction for entry and exit.

ETV with Comb-Type Dolly
The ETV travels horizontally as well as vertically through the car park to collect cars from the lift and transfers them to the nearest available parking bays. It utilises a comb-type dolly to pick up the cars without a parking pallet.

Parking Bay with Comb Structure
The parking bays feature a robust comb structure on which the tyres of the cars rest safely. This structure makes the system palletless so that the ETV does not have to go back and forth between lift and parking bays as often and therefore increases the parking and retrieval speed significantly.

Car Park Management System
MHE's car park management system allows the facility operators to smoothly manage all parking activities, show the occupied and empty parking bays and calculate charges for temporary clients. An advanced electrical system with PLC programs automatically controls all movements of the parking system. Reliable high-precision sensors in the parking terminal and inside the car park detect all movements of cars and people to guaranty maximum security. For maintenance and emergency operations the fully automated system can be switched into manual operating mode.

Security & Surveilance System
To further ensure the safety of cars and clients a thorough CCTV system monitors all activities in the parking terminal and inside the car park. The CCTV system can be integrated into the overall system of the compound so that guards can easily monitor it.

Depending on the customers requirement access control to the parking terminal can be set-up with pin code system, RFID cards and transponders, or even biometric access technology. The choice of access control system depends on the application requirements, e.g. if you only have residential users or designated parking valets, or whether the car park is open to the public.
For further territorial security enforcement we offer security system signages and motion sensor lights.


MHE ETV Parkers

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MHE ETV Parkers

Similar Products+
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Height 2 - 7 parking levels
Car Dimensions (mm) 5200 (L) * 1900 (W) * 1550 / 2000 (H)
Car Weight (kg) 2200 - 2800
Capacity 50 - 120 cars / ETV
Running Speed Lift Speed 30 m/min
Shuttle Speed 70 m/min
Dolly Speed 50 m/min
Electric Control System PLC
Operation Mode RFID Card / Transponder / Pin Code / Biometric
Power Supply 3 Phase, 5 Line AC 380V / 50Hz *Customized to local standard