Crane Runway Survey

Avoid production stoppages and cost-intensive repair work, prevent breakdowns and detect damage to building structures at an early stage of development.

The travel characteristics and, therefore, the optimum availability of your equipment is impaired when specified tolerances are exceeded – which can result in premature wear of the travel wheels, sudden changes in travel speeds and unexpected load sway. Optimum travel properties can only be ensured by perfectly aligned crane runway and crane geometry, which give you the certainty of safety all along the line.

Using the latest state-of-the-art Demag Laser measuring system (or LMS in short), the survey is done in a manner of fast, safe and reliable and provides highly accurate survey results. We perform automatic, three-dimensional surveys of crane runways with our internationally patented LMS laser measuring system – which takes each measurement multiple times, resulting in accuracy better than 0.5mm. Intelligent sensors help to achieve this high level of reliability for all types of rails and also worn profiles. When the measuring process has been completed, the results are shown in real-time visualisation.

On the basis of a visual inspection of the runway structure, a review of the equipment and combine with the survey results, MHE-Demag can recommend cost-effective corrections to eliminate any defects that are found.

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