Preventive Maintenance Services

The largest service network in the region with 300 service vehicles and more than 700 service engineers and technicians.

Service and preventive maintenance are carried out according to our specifications, which are based on relevant local regulations. It protects you from unplanned breakdowns and unscheduled interruptions of your business activities. Based on your operation we will establish the most suitable package for you. Preventive Maintenance (PM) services can either be according to fixed schedules or condition based. Typical activities during a PM service include:

  • Adjustment or re-adjustment of mechanical, electrical, optical control units and switchgear, brakes, chains, friction clutch and rope
  • Re-filling grease and oil
  • Lubrication according to the corresponding maintenance instructions
  • Removal of any contamination that may prejudice the functional safety of the installation
  • Consultation on measures to be initiated

Normal use of any equipment will result in wear of components, which may cause malfunctions. MHE-Demag can carry out inspections of your equipment to prevent any potential malfunctions as early as possible – to enable damage or wear to be identified and eliminated in good time.

In addition to inspections, equipment must be maintained regularly and appropriately by trained personnel in line with the specified deadlines and checked according to their maintenance schedule. We can also take care of that for you. Wearing parts are replaced in good time, any dirt accumulation is removed, oil and grease can be refilled – to ensure that everything runs smoothly and as a matter of course, we only use genuine spare parts.

With our tailored solutions for service and preventive maintenance, we help you to ensure that your equipment offers the performance you need: regular and reliable performance for optimum equipment availability and a high level of safety for owners and operators. We only work with qualified specialists who have a wealth of experience – and who are not only familiar with our own products. We offer service and preventive maintenance for cranes, hoists, load handling attachments, building maintenance units, lift trucks, dock levelers, mechanical parking system or other related equipment from MHE- Demag, or any other brand.

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