Trailer Type Telescoping Boom Lift

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Stabiliser Assisted Articulated Jib/Telescopic Boom, Trailer Type
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The trailer type telescoping boom lift has enabled the Access Work Platforms to be transported from one location to another via vehicles. When it is disengaged from the vehicle, the machine can then be self-propelled by its traction drive.
We offer two options for this trailer type of AWP. A straight telescoping boom lift type and the articulating boom lift type. The straight telescoping boom lift type telescopes the straight boom in and out providing further outreach. In contrast, the other boom type has "up and over" features, but loses some of its outreach.
We offer a wide range for this trailer type of AWP, ranging from a 10 m up to a 29 m working height. The power source option for this type can be direct AC online, battery operated, diesel engine driven or a combination of both battery and diesel operated.
The machine is CE certified and complies with EN280.
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