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Reliability of MHE-Demag’s Crane Prevails in All Circumstances

Remarkable Journey of SWTS

SWTS Pte Ltd, formerly known as Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd, is a pioneer in the repair industry of industrial equipment. Built on the combined rich heritage of Westinghouse innovative repair technology and Siemens modern technology in advanced industrial engineering solutions and systems packaging.

Since its inception in1973, growth from diversification has led the company to become a regional leader in providing multi-disciplinary engineering services and industrial solutions. SWTS rapid expansion in the region has enabled the enlarged organization to continue to play an active role as a crucial service provider in the new, bigger and more challenging operating domain.

To support and facilitate the expansion plan of serving their growing esteemed customers in regional economies, SWTS had decided to add another workshop at 14 Gul Avenue of 10,000 sqm, addition to their current facility at 10 Gul Avenue. This decision led to the purchase of 16 units of overhead travelling cranes from MHE-Demag Singapore to support the expansion program.

SWTS has been using MHE-Demag’s cranes in their first workshop for many years. The quality and reliability of MHE-Demag’s cranes are key elements that they value, as breakdown of cranes will derail their operation critical schedule.   

Unusual Execution to Enlarge Crane Working Envelope

The entire scope of supply consists of 2 units 50 (main) /10 ton (aux), 2 units 20 (main) /10 ton (aux), 9 units of 10 ton, 1 unit of 5 ton crane, 2 units of 1 ton KBK monorail system.

All of the 10 ton auxiliary hoists were purposefully designed to traverse at the bottom plate of girder instead of adopting the traditional method by mounting it on the crab platform next to the 50 and 20 ton main hoist. This design will help to enlarge the main hook working envelope in the factory. Both main & auxiliary hoists are controlled by same remote control pendant with a selector switch for hoist option.

These cranes are deployed at various elevations, namely 18m, 15m, 10m and 6m above ground at six different bays. One of the execution methods was to deliver 10 units of smaller crane in a complete assembled module to save time and facilitate hoisting on site. As all of the smaller cranes were calibrated and assembled in factory, thus alignment and tolerance of these cranes can be accurately maintained to match the building runway tolerance.

As the building construction work progressed in stages, the coordination of site work was crucial and challenging; in order not to delay both the building construction work and crane installation schedule, the hoisting of cranes onto the runway structure had to be properly and accurately timed. Due to our complete module installation method, the pre-installation site measurement and alignment of building structural work were critical steps to prevent rework on crane alignment.

A Well Done Job Continue to Impress

All in all, MHE-Demag’s Project Team had managed to complete the installation during the given time according to the planned schedule and all works were done in a highly coordinated manner. Hence, the smooth handover of cranes was achieved. A job well done will definitely make a valued customer satisfied and surely, it will reap many more benefits in the future. 


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Reliability of MHE-Demag’s Crane Prevails in All Circumstances
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