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Helping to Manage Explosive Warehouse in Taiwan


Safety always comes first. Employers have responsibilities for their employees' safety and security in a workplace, especially in the surrounding of chemical substances such as nylon. Tai Young  Nylon Co. (Tai Young) was established in 1987, under DSM Group located in Dafa Industrial Park in Kaohsiung .  They produce nylon polymer (polyamide plastic pellets) that is explosive. Thus, taking safety as the first priority into consideration, Tai Young placed an order for an explosion proof forklift for its new warehouse to MHE-Demag Taiwan (MDTW) in March 2015.  MDTW successfully handed over the explosion proof forklift to Ta Young at the end of November 2015.


Solution Given

To be able to satisfy the customer’s needs. MHE-Demag works hard to understand Tai Young’s needs. As Tai Young was not experienced about explosion proof equipment procurement, MHE-Demag does intensive analysis and provided the customer with a consultation about the forklift selection with our expertise.  After a thorough consideration, we supplied a unit of 1600 kg MHE MFL416 electric counterbalance forklift with AC motors to be converted into an explosion proof forklift for Zone 2 hazardous application for Cat. 3G-EN1755 (IIB T3) to ensure forklifts won't easily spark and cause workplace incidents. The conversion includes restricted breathing enclosure for arcing and sparking components, surface temperature limitation, gas detection and shutdown system with audible and visible alarms, clad forks.  In addition, we offer 12-month warranty.


Customer’s positive feedback

Now the warehouse operator is busy driving the explosion proof forklift in and out the new warehouse to carry chemical liquid and solid substances. At the same time, he is assured of this forklift's safety as well. “This is a user-friendly and reliable vehicle. By using the explosion proof forklift, compared to a convention forklift, we now feel much more protected now than ever. Working in an environment full of chemical substances with a certified equipment feel much safer,” said Mr. Chang-Chien, the maintenance staff of Tai Young.


Extensive Customer care

As this was Tai Young’s first time to purchase an explosion proof forklift, an operational training was required after delivery and conducted by Kuo, Yang-hui, our service technician.  He demonstrated how to operate the explosion proof forklift and elaborated the function of the forklift on the hand-over day to ensure the user to have a fully understanding about the operation. He said “this is the first explosion-proof forklift that we sold to the customer in Taiwan. I am honored to have this opportunity to provide the customer with the training.  We saw the customer’s smile after training.”



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Helping to Manage Explosive Warehouse in Taiwan
Tai Young Nylon Co.
Explosion Proof Equipment, Lift Trucks
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