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Installation of Monorail BMU Systems

It is always challenging to repair or re-paint the façade of high-rise buildings. You need to find means to access the area of work. Traditionally, it is either through an erection of a scaffolding or deployment of aerial work platform (boom lift) on ground to gain access to height. Nevertheless, there are limitations for both methods, if the buildings are more intriguing than usual.

MHE-Demag has been supplying Building Maintenance Units (BMU) or Gondola Systems to owners of high-rise buildings to enable workers to access the building façade at any height. The BMU is a suspended access equipment to be planned and permanently installed onto a building. MHE-Demag’s BMUs are customised to provide access to any point of the façade, even the most challenging building shapes and façade profiles.

In end 2016, MHE-Demag had completed an unique BMU installation in a high-rise condominium, Urban Vista located at Tanah Merah Kechil Link. The BMU system was built with an aluminium monorail system coupled with manual smooth running trolleys. These monorail tracks are aesthetically designed, strong and versatile, laid along the exterior façade following the shape of the building, whereas the smooth running trolleys were designed to glide along the monorail system with a suspended self-powered cradle for access to different part of the building facade.

The combination of monorail track and self-powered cradle is a simpler and effective solution to provide access to building façade. This solution does not require much or complicated provisions in building structures. It is also easy for workers to operate and manoeuvre the self-powered cradle to any point of the building façade.