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Spare Parts by MHE-Demag – Speed meets Quality

In every industrial machine wear and tear is a given. The life span of single components can be much shorter than the usage of the whole piece of equipment. To keep machines running, spare parts are essential. Also with some components it is not easy to predict when replacement is required. The ugly reality is often that machines fail and need a spare part.

In this context two criteria a non-negotiable:

·         Speed

·         Quality

The exact consequences of machine downtime are different for every business and every application. However, in general it is safe to say that downtime needs to be as short as possible to avoid major impacts on productivity and subsequent items. Speed is key.

When a part fails, the process of organising replacement can entail many challenges. The first and maybe most critical one is to identify what part failed. On many occasions the exact definition of what part is required can only be made with extensive product knowledge. Not less important is the question of how to procure a replacement.

When it comes to spare parts for lifting equipment MHE-Demag is the one stop address. Amongst many examples, Rexel Electrical Supplies is one of MHE-Demag’s clients whose expectations have been exceeded. Even though in the case of Rexel it was only one, comparatively small, spare part, all aspects to serve our customers remain identical. This logic applies regardless of type for complexity of the request.

Mark Beckwith, Division Manager, Service of MHE-Demag Australia says:

“MHE-Demag provides its customers the right part, at the right price, in the right place and at the right time.  This is our goal and process, and we deliver on this promise every day.”

MHE-Demag uses an unprecedented pool of knowledge in lifting applications to assist in identifying what spare part is needed. A comprehensive range of instantaneously available stock in combination with direct access to Demag spare parts, allows MHE-Demag to deliver faster than expected.