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We take Knowledge Sustainability seriously, and it shows in our Regional Training Center!

If anyone were to ask us what makes MHE-Demag the industry leader, our answer would be simple: PEOPLE! By which we mean, the very best! With more than 40 years of engineering expertise, knowledge sustainability has become a crucial part of our culture. That's why with the new MHE-Demag manufacturing facility at Bukit Raja, Malaysia, came an equally new Regional Training Center that takes up a whopping 430 sq. meters! The first of its kind in the region, it allows employees and customers throughout MHE-Demag Group to attend skills training and upgrading programmes that ensure excellence in operations, maintenance and safety.


The Regional Training Center is equipped with fully functional MHE-Demag products and parts. Within the facility are hands-on stripping down stations for different models of hoists, motors and gearboxes, a complete miniature explosion proof crane system, air hoists, a mock-up dock-leveller, frequency inverters, overload cells and evaluators, and other electrical systems. The main attraction in the new center would be the legendary V-type crane and DMR modular rope hoist.

Mr. Law Kok Wai, Regional Director, Service, said, “This year, we will also include some common competitor products so that we can train our technicians to also service other brands correctly and professionally.”

The Regional Service Training Manager, Hj. Hamdi Hayon, has been handed the task of elevating the technical competencies for service across the Group in order to fulfil our Strategic Intent to be our customers’ preferred partner for material handling solutions. Along with him, Service Specialist Raimy Hamid and Training Executive Murugasu Narissaman are currently working as a team to develop new training materials and conduct training/workshops. Our trainers are registered with the Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and several of our popular courses are also certified by HRDF. Any customer who happens to be a member of HRDF is entitled to claim back the full training fees upon completion of the training.

All workshops are opened to our own employees as well as those working outside the Group, and are targetted at people such as operators, technicians, supervisors, engineers and others. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to professionally operate and service every single product taught in the course of a workshop. That's because at MHE-Demag, we don't just believe in acquiring knowledge, but also generously sharing it to jack up the overall standard of the material handling industry!